Donna Says



As I already said in my introductory post, I love dining out.

When I was still a student at university I didn’t eat much at restaurants because my money was limited but then in 2005 ,when I got my first full-time job and therefore had the assurance of a monthly wage, I started enjoying my new hobby, that of dining out. My other hobbies were not and are not expensive…and neither is dining. However expenses vary according to where you dine, how often you dine out and what you choose from the menu 🙂

What I will be doing in this page is that I will be giving my opinion about what I like best in Maltese and Gozitan restaurants. I won’t be criticizing, I will be just giving my opinion about what I loved best according to different topics. Topics could be anything like for example best view, best rest rooms, most romantic, best cutlery…practically I will be posting about anything  I observed and I liked.

So on the topic menu, find and click on Donna Says and there you will find information about Maltese and Gozitan restaurants.

(Many pictures are not presented as my own work, unless I state so in the post. Copyright still belongs to the owner / creator of each work. In the event that there is still a problem or error with copyrighted material, the break of the said copyright is neither intentional. The material in question will be removed at once with any request with presented proof.)

If you want, you can ask me questions below and I will provide you with the best possible solution, obviously it is just what Donna Says!


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