When on top of Monte Baldo


Another place we visited lately is lake Garda. We went around some of the small villages that surround this beautiful lake. One fact about this lake is that it is the biggest lake in Italy . Its length is 51.6 km, so Malta, my country, would fit in it and also leave some space :).

One place we visited in Malcesine. This village is situated in the upper side of the lake and is dominated by views of Monte Baldo. Monte Baldo is a must see when in Malcesine.

We arrived on top of the mountain by cable car. We queued for some time in order to get in the cable car so maybe you should try to get there early morning or late afternoon. The place is magical with wonderful views of the lake and the mountain.

View from Baita dei Forti

Obviously once up there we also opted to dine with a view. We had lunch at the Baita dei Forti. A very nice restaurant that offers good food but most of all great views. My husband opted for Stinco (shank) and polenta (boiled cornmeal) whilst I ordered home made lasagne. (We always try to choose local or traditional food when we are abroad)


Ideally one should reserve a table especially if you would like to dine next to a window.




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