What a year!

It has been a almost a year since I last posted and oh my what a year it has been!

Exactly after my last post my husband and I found out that we were pregnant and one of the things I love the most, FOOD, ended up being the last thing I wanted to see or smell and I obviously didn’t cook! Basically mum took over in the kitchen whilst I was busy finding a place the furthest as possible from the kitchen 🙂


Unfortunately my nausea was bad for the first six months of the pregnancy. During these months I got used to having my mother cooking and she offered to continue and do so for the following three months. (obviously I accepted without hesitation)

During my third trimester the second film of the series Fifty Shades of Grey premiered. Wished I could write something about it and the food but I wasn’t much online back then. The blog was very active as a lot of readers were following the Fifty Shades pages however I was not present at all.

March 31st, our son Luca was born.

We couldn’t be happier but once again this meant less time in the kitchen. I used to cook but nothing elaborate. As most mothers say, 24 hours are not enough to do all the things when you have a new born around and once again food was not at the top of my priority list.

However, now almost 5 months have passed since Luca was born and I have (sort of) established a routine. I am looking forward to start blogging again. Maybe I will blog something about baby food as my little munchkin is already in the weaning stage! haha will surely blog about food we had during our last trips in Italy as I have a lot of photos which were meant to appear in my blog but ended up stored in my pen drive.

Thank you all for visiting my blog even though it was not updated and hopefully I will now find some time to cook and blog again 🙂



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