A visit to the boss…Carlo’s Bakery in NY

Since I was and still am a Cake Boss follower finding the shop in New York was a must. Wanted to go to Hoboken and although not very far we did not have time to do it in our 6 day schedule.

Luckily the shop was not that far from the hotel we were staying and for those who like to go there it is on the 8th Avenue at the 42nd street. Once at the shop you have to take a ticket ( like the ones you get here in Malta in the delicatessen section in supermarkets) and wait for your turn. Another thing is that there is a line on the floor and you cannot cross it unless your number is called. I wanted to cross the line to take a closer look at the cakes and pastries as there were so many that I couldn’t make up my mind. Once our number was called I opted for the cannolo Siciliano and my husband opted for a chocolate mousse cake. We also bought some biscotti and a cup and we ended spending enough to get a nice shopping tote bag for free 🙂

Now as regarding taste. The cannolo was good but we Maltese are used to cooking and having Italian food in our stores and the taste was very similar to the ones we have here in Malta. The chocolate cake was delicious. We Maltese have good cakes and pastries but sometimes we lack in ideas and keep repeating the same recipes. It would be nice to have such flavours available at our local shops and restaurants.

Another thing is that prices were on the high side compared to the prices we are used to in Malta for cupcakes and cakes but still worth a try!




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