New York Ice Cream from the white van

We arrived in New York late, very late. We had been at Toronto’s airport for more than six hours but as the flight was totally fully booked and we didn’t have time to do online check in the day before we were left stranded for 5 hours at the airport before we finally got a flight to New York.

Once in NY I forgot all about the day’s mishaps and was enchanted by the place. It is not only the skyline or high rise building but the fact that you are in a place you have seen a thousands of times on your favourite TV shows, films or on the news and you are standing there amidst the traffic, people, sounds, lights…it was just amazing.

We left everything at the hotel and the first thing we did was buying a NY ice-cream from a white ice-cream van parked minutes away from our hotel in Times square. The ice-cream is totally different fro the ones we have  here in Malta. the cream does not drip! It is like a frozen yogurt but really really good! A must try.






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