Dining on top of the CN Tower Toronto

Almost this time year I said that I was going to blog about the food that I tried during my honeymoon but haven’t done so 😦 Was super busy at work and also at home…had time to cook ( ironically after stating in my first ever post that I do not know how to cook I am now cooking everyday and think I am doing quite good) but did not have time to take photos or blog.

I love cooking and doing new recipes. I must say that back at my parents’ home I didn’t cook because the kitchen was Mum’s territory. Having your own kitchen is a totally different story.

Since we came back from our honeymoon we have also been two times in Italy. In February we have been to Florence and last July we have been in North Italy. We visited Milan, Lake Garda and Venice.

My plan today is to blog about the food we had during these three vacations starting from Canada.

We spent two days in Toronto and a day at Niagara falls. We were on the move so ate many subs and been to some fast food shops but on the 30th July 2015 we booked a special dinner at the 360 The restaurant on the CN tower.

The experience was amazing. Not only the food was really good and service impeccable but the fact that the restaurant rotates is an experience in itself. We were there at 8pm so we had the opportunity to see Toronto’s skyline by day and also night and I loved it!

As a starter my husband had Smoked trout and I had Ontario lamb sausage with minted summer peas. As a main course my husband had Alberta beef tenderloin and I had Roast Wetzel farm’s duck breast as you can see below.


We obviously had dessert but we dug in and forgot all about the photos!

The menu changes, there is a menu for summer and menu for winter but the whole restaurant is an experience and a must go even if prices are on the high side!

Will write soon! I promise 😀


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