Ham and Peas Soup

Haven’t blogged for a while…was on honeymoon and did not cook for over a month ( a well deserved break after 4 months cooking non stop haha 😀 ) Have been to Canada and United States and when I get myself more organised I will blog about some food I ate there. Have some great pictures as well!

Today I prepared a simple pea soup.

Basically what you need is the following:

450g peas

2 onions

1 potato (optional)

3 carrots

2 big garlic cloves

200g smoked ham


chili pepper


( I used frozen peas so I had to cook them before hand)

In a pan heat some butter and cook onion until golden.

Then add the diced carrots and cook for two minutes.

Add the garlic, chili pepper, fresh ground pepper and diced potato.

Now add the mixture to the already strained peas and add water. ( I added water until it covered the whole mixture plus 1 cm)

Cook for 45 minutes.

Pea soup in the making

When it is ready liquidize and the soup is ready!

Smoked Ham and Pea soup

I rarely use salt when I cook…you can add salt and pepper to your liking


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