The Maltese Christian Grey… the perfect meal for a date night or pyjama party!

After reading Grey I came up with these two food related questions:


What does a highly eligible Maltese bachelor (let us say CHRISTIAN GREY level!) cook to impress his date? Most importantly being Maltese, how can he transmit his Maltese roots in his food?

I gave these two questions some thought and came up with this very easy recipe that anyone can prepare for date nights or even pyjama parties!

Salsiccia Maltese e Linguine ( may I also add that in Malta these two words have also a sexual connotation)

Basically all you have to do is remove the casing of the Maltese sausage and fry the meat in some white wine. Add some butter, salt, pepper and tomatoes. Whilst doing this in another pan cook the linguine until they are al dente ( slightly hard). That’s all! you have a very tasty dish with a Maltese twist!

I think this recipe has it all to impress any date!


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