Quesadillas with minced meat and avocado

Today I wanted to prepare something easy and decided to do something with tortilla wraps. However I did not want to do the usaul wrap so opted to do quesadillas that basically are very similar in content but presentation is sightly different.

What you need is the following ( for two persons):

4 tortilla wraps

one onion

2 garlic cloves

400g minced meat

one can red kidney beans

one jar tomato sauce

one avocado

half a lemon

200g cheddar cheese.

Basically in a skillet I put a dash of sunflower oil and added the finely chopped onion and garlic cloves. After three minutes I added the minced meat, tomato sauce and red kidney beans. I left the mixture on low heat until most of the tomato sauce was absorbed.

In a seperate bowl I mashed one avocado and added half a lemon juice and mixed together.

In another bowl I grated 200g cheddar cheese.

Sooooo when my husband arrived from work I started to combine the ingredients.

In put one wrap in the convenction oven and sprinkled some grated cheese over it.

When it was ready I put over a flat surface and put the meat mixture above it.

I put another wrap in the convenction oven for five minutes. When ready I spread the avocado mixture on it and added some grated cheese. Than I turned it over the other wrap that was covered with the meat mixture. I pressed the two wraps to flatten the mixture and then cut the wraps in 4 portions. I served the qeusadillas with cheese and onion crisps.

Repeated these steps for the other wraps.

Quesadilla 4 IMG_20150515_193526[1] IMG_20150515_193528[1] IMG_20150515_193544[1] Quesadilla 5

This is the end result 🙂


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