Port Wine Reduction Sauce

Friday again and wanted to do a sauce to accompany the meat I defrosted ( once again I forgot to take out the meat before I left home for work ehhh). Not sure what the meat cut was but I am putting a picture maybe some of you can help me out. ( It was pork chops oh my oh my!)

Seasoned meat

I seasoned the meat with salt and pepper and was looking in the pantry for some ideas…after a few minutes….still a BLANK space. I closed the pantry and sat on a chair thinking of ways to make the meat more appealing and I saw a bottle of Port wine on the shelf and hurray I had an idea: a port wine reduction. Saw something similar on Masterchef and decided I had to try it out. Basically I used:

one shallot

half a glass Port win

half a glass beef stock


finely ground and dry parsley

salt and pepper.

A usual I melted some butter and added the finely cut shallot ( I am pleased today as I did not cry and manged to finely cur the shallot). Left for a few minutes until it softened. I then added the beef stock ( nothing complicated I melted half a beef stock cube with boiling water and stirred it up a bit 🙂 ) , the parsley ( one tea spoon) and I also added the Port wine and stirred until the liquid was reduced by half. I then  added again some butter and kept cooking until the mixture was syrup like and the shallot had absorbed most of the liquid remaining in the sauce pan.

This is the end result 🙂

Port wine reduction

Reduction on pork chops


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