Quick Smoked Salmon Feta Cheese Salad

Basically I have a lot of feta cheese at home…a lot of it. If you ask me why I bought this much I will tell you I did not…my mum did ehhhhh so I wanted to use it again in a recipe maybe one day we will finish it 🙂 So I took a look at the fridge and saw what else I had and did this fresh salad as a starter.

All you need is:


fresh basil leaves

cherry tomatoes


smoked salmon slices ( I used 4)

feta cheese

black olives

olive oil

balsamic vinegar


I put all the greens at the bottom of the plate. Rolled the feta cheese in the salmon slices. Put them on the lettuce and basil leaves. Finally I added the cherry tomatoes, olives and lemon. I put the salad in the fridge and finally before we ate we drizzled some olive oil, balsamic vinegar and pepper.

Smoked salmon salad

Smoked salmon salad


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