Kwarezimal: Lenten sweet

Lenten dessert…a must try

Simply Donna Rose

Today my friend Claire forwarded me the Kwarezimal recipe. This dessert is ideal for lent as it is very good to replace sweets especially chocolate.



500g pure almonds, powdered

400g castor sugar

150g plain flour

Vanilla essence

2 tablespoons of cocoa

Juice and rind of lemon

Grated rind of orange

Grated peel of mandarin

3 tablespoons anisette liqueur

2 spoons blossom water

4 light beaten egg whites

teaspoon cinnamon powder (Cinnamon)

one spoon  mixed spice

Honey and roasted almonds


1. Place all ingredients, except eggs, honey and chopped almonds, and mix into a large bowl.

2. Add egg whites and juice of lemon, slowly, to the mix to form a “dough”. On a flat baking dish, place rice paper. Shape pieces of the mixture in the form of a roll and place on a baking dish, but do not put them too close to each other.

3. Flatten a bit

4.Pre heat…

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