Pickled Onions, Our Way ( Basal tal-Pikles)

This year we had a surplus of onions at home and so my boyfriend and I ( have to admit that at first he was more enthusiastic than I was ) decided to do some pickled onions. The process is quite easy. If you are planning or would like to do them, instead of buying glass jars, keep empty glass jars from other products like mayonnaise jars or marmalade jars, wash them and leave to dry well and then once they are clean you can start storing pickled onions in them.

Pickled Onions

Will soon update a better picture!


Select the small onions.

Remove the tunic  (onion’s first layer and even second) and cut the upper part. (If the leaves on the upper part are still green and not dry, do not use the onion)

Make sure that the roots of the selected onions are long as these will absorb the mixture.

Put the onions in a jar and add brown vinegar.

If you want you could also add pepper corns, bay leaves or some red peppers.

Close the jar well!

Place jars in your yard, balcony or somewhere where they are easily hit by sunlight.

Leave them there for about three months. ( you can leave the even more, the most important thing is that the onions absorb the vinegar)

Now you can used the pickled onions in your salads or as a side dish! Enjoy!

One positive thing about pickled onions is that they do not leave that sour taste and smell in your mouth like a fresh onion does. So you can also include them in the salad/packed lunch you take at work as you will not bother your workmates with a bad smell after you eat them 😀 haha


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