Two S’s that produce one good W

Was browsing through some news articles today and came across this article where Maltese viticulture is mentioned in Jamie Oliver’s Blog. The post is actually written by Jim ( who is Jamie Oliver’s website editor).

As I have already stated in many of my previous posts, I live in Malta, a small island in the middle of the Mediterranean sea.We were not blessed by many natural resources but we were surely blessed by one amazing sun and also fertile soil 😀 According to Jim, these help to produce some good wine.

Meridiana Vineyard

It is nice to read an article about your country and even more if the article is positive such as this one. If you are not Maltese, I hope that one day you could appreciate one of our wines. 

Isis Meridiana wine

This is the wine estate mentioned in the blog Take a look! You could also buy some wine online!


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