From boring to purple!

Everyone knows how to boil an egg, even I do heheh. (If you don’t, put an egg in water, bring water to a boil and when the water is bubbling remove the egg and …Voila! the egg is ready :). If even this is difficult buy an egg timer! When it rings remove the egg from the boiling that is simple! )

But how can you make an uninteresting egg interesting?

By turning the boring white egg into purple!

red beet eggs


Here is the recipe!

12 eggs (hard boiled, shells removed)
6 cans of beets
4 cups vinegar
3 cups sugar
1 really big jar (or a few smaller jars)

Boil the eggs and peel them. (Best way to peel them is to leave them rest for 12 minutes after boiling, put under some running water and then peel the shell.)

Put the beets and vinegar in a pan (beet juice included)

Bring to a boil  and then add the sugar and stir it around a bit.

Put the eggs in the big jar or small jars.

Pour the boiled juice in the jar/s.



Put in the fridge for about 1 week and then you can serve them as an appetiser!  You will surely surprise your guests!


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