Remake: Cinnamon and Lemon Cupcakes

So I retried the cinnamon and lemon cupcakes/muffins recipe. (Please see previous post for whole recipe)

Last time I wasn’t that happy because even if the taste was great the muffins were not fluffy inside and they were quite low.

So I modified the recipe after asking you all for some suggestions.

First thing is that I used self raising flour instead of normal flour.

Secondly I sifted the flour ( last time I didn’t…I know that this is a must but it was not written in the recipe so I didn’t bother…my mistake ;P)

I also baked the muffins at 160 degrees Celsius instead of 180.lemon cinnamon cupcake lemon cinnamon cupcake stage two lemon cinnamon cupcake freshly baked lemon cinnamon cupcake the result


This time the result was better 🙂

Thank you all for your help!




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