Three ingredients, ten Nutella cupcakes

Yesterday I tried out this very simple cupcake recipe that I read on the Internet and  I only used  three ( yes three!!!) ingredients.

Basically to do ten cupcakes you need:

280g Nutella ( = one cup)

2 eggs

10 tablespoons flour ( I used self raising flour)


pre heat oven at 180C.

In a bowl mix together the ingredients.

Put the mixture into the cupcakes mould. (One suggestion: I bought my silicone moulds from tal-Lira shop and got six silicone cups for just two euro! I prefer silicone moulds as you do not have to line them and so it is easier :P).

nutella cupcake

Put in the oven and leave for around 25 minutes….

nutella cupcake2

and voilà’ the cupcakes are ready!!!

I decorated the cupcakes in two ways…on some I added a hazelnut and on some others I added hundreds and thousands.  I have to say that the taste was delicious.


nutella cupcakes 3

Nutella cupcake hundreds and thousands

Was wondering if I could use the same mixture in the barbecue orange cupcake mmmm  maybe I will try it…If anyone tries it please let me know!


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