Beer should not be an alternative but THE option

We are always combining food with wine for example red wines are usually combined with red meat and white wines with fish or poultry but have you ever asked yourself which type of beer tastes best with your food?  

Now that the summer season is approaching, beer is more likely to be on demand when you invite your friends over for a meal or barbecue…but which beer should you be serving to enhance the food’s taste?

You could be asking: But what stirred your curiosity about beer pairing?

Mussels and beer

Well, last week I went to Ku de ta at Le Meridien St Julians and on offer they had mussels cooked in Cisk beer.  Out of curiosity my better half ordered this dish to see how they actually tasted.( Usually mussels are cooked in white wine and I have never been to a restaurant where they cook mussels in beer. My mum frequently does mussels with pasta but, again, she prepares the sauce with white wine. ) Once we had this pot full of mussels in front of us, I wanted to taste them too (as you all know I do not eat fish, but mussels fall under the shell fish category that I do eat 😀 hahha) and I have to say that they were REALLY good! This dish was also combined with Cisk Premium Pilsner and this made me aware of one other thing.  They could have offered ANY other beer with this dish like Hopleaf or Blue Label so why did they opt for Cisk Premium Pilsner???


This means that EVEN beer should be paired with specific food. Why is it that only wine is associated with gourmet food? So I did some research and with the help of a local beer expert I am writing down the best beer and food combinations! I only included beer that you can find locally as there are sites and blogs on line that provide beer pairing information but then we do not find that specific beer in Malta!

Farsons CISK

Dish Beer
Green salad (cream dressing) Cisk Pilsner
Green salad (vinegar & oil) Newcastle Brown Ale
Asparagus ( grilled) Lacto or Guinness
 Potato Salad (potatoes ,onions, garlic) Simonds Special Amber Ale
Mashed potatoes Newcastle Brown Ale or Blue Label Ale
Chicken with mushroom gravy Newcastle Brown Ale or John Smith’s Extra Smooth Ale
Fried chicken Hopleaf Pale Ale
Beef, Lamb, Pork:
Beef Wellington CISK Extra Strong Lager or Blue Label Ale
Prime Rib Blue Label Ale or CISK Extra Strong Lager
Herbed lamb Strongbow Cider
Roast leg of lamb John Smith’s Extra Smooth Ale or Hopleaf Pale Ale
Pork ribs CISK Pilsner
Pork tenderloin Guinness or Lacto
Sausages Hopleaf Pale Ale
Crab or lobster CISK Pilsner or Lacto/Guinness
Shrimp CISK Pilsner
Fish CISK Pilsner
Spicy fish Hopleaf Pale Ale
Fried seafood Hopleaf Pale Ale
Oysters Lacto/Guinness
Caviar Budweiser
Chocolate Blue Label Ale as it has hints of chocolate/caramel)
Fruit CISK Pilsner
Cheesecake Lacto/Guinness
Pasta Simonds Special Amber Ale
Pizza various – CISK Lager, CISK Export Premium Lager … depends on the ingredients so see above J
Popcorn CISK Pilsner
Fried foods Cisk Pilsner or Hopleaf Pale Ale
Cream soups like mushroom soup Cisk Pilsner

Lacto FarsonsGuinness Farsons

Go ahead and try these beer and food combinations, stop serving only wine with your food…beer should not be an alternative but THE option 😉

If anyone of you does not live in Malta and would love to taste our beer here is a link where you could buy it online

Enjoy! Cheers!


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