Broad Beans Patties

Many of you know that broad beans are now in season and at a very good price. We Maltese tend to use broad beans in our traditional soup Kusksu  ( I will provide you with a recipe in a future post) or we use them in salads. My mother also stores them in the freezer to use them in her recipes during winter.

My dad this week came back home with three baskets full of broad beans. Some we used, some we shared with relatives and friends…but we were still left with a good amount of broad beans. So Mum decided to use the broad beans to make patties.

Basically the ingredients are:

Broad beans

Salt and Pepper



Grated Cheese

One egg

All you have to do is fry the garlic and boil the broad beans. When the broad beans are soft you mash them together with the salt, pepper, egg, cheese, parsley and garlic.

Mashed broad beans mixture

When mixture is ready form round patties and fry them.

Broad Bean patties

Broad Bean Patties

These patties are ideal as a side this and also for vegetarians!

Broad Bean Patties


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