Double Chocolate Coca Cola Cake Part 2: The Attempt

Sooooooooooooooo with some bit of encouragement I decided to try out the Double Chocolate Coca Cola Cake. I did it on my own with some guidance from a pretty good chef 🙂 I also wanted to surprise someone with my cooking abilities…as Edwina Kastner told me…A way to a man’s heart is through his stomach  haha


Ingredients 2

Ingredients 3

Ingredients 1

Mixing the flour , sugar and salt.

Flour and sugar

Mixing Coca Cola, butter, oil and cocoa

coca cola mix

Beating in the eggs


Mixing the mixture 🙂


Cakes out of the oven

Cakes in shape

Frosting on the heart shaped cakes


And this was the end result 🙂 I am so proud of my first cake 🙂

Double Chocolate Heart

As you can see the cake is quite easy to do…if I did it all of you can! And no food mixers were needed , just the basic things: cooker, oven, mixing bowls, baking dish, cups, spoons, tea spoons and spatulas!

Hope you give it a try. I had the approval of Mum and Dad. The hearts are yet to be eaten 🙂 But already got thumbs up for appearance haha


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