Barbecue Dessert Idea: Cupcake in an orange

This morning my friend Ksenya posted the following image on Facebook and it really triggered my interest and I think that it is a great idea especially for us Maltese and Gozitans that enjoy doing barbecues during the summer season.

Cupcake in an orange

Basically what you have to do is:

Cut the top of an orange

Scoop the inside of the orange

Fill in with the cake mix or cup cake mix

Place lid back on orange

Cover in foil

Leave the orange on the barbecue for approx. 25 min. Rotate once or twice.

Open the foil and enjoy the cake!

Here is a more detailed recipe of how to do this recipe! You have all the ingredients and step by step procedure


Cupcakes in an orange ingredients




orange dessert

I am looking forward to trying it out especially during the summer holidays! I would prefer a chocolate mix as I am a chocolate orange lover but it depends on your tastes!  If someone tries it please take some pictures and post them on my page!


2 thoughts on “Barbecue Dessert Idea: Cupcake in an orange

  1. Normally a cake mix requires wet ingrediants. Do you mix these in first before putting in the orange or altogether miss out the wet ingrediants?

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