Figolli: Maltese Easter Pastry

Easter Figolla


I am writing below a Maltese traditional recipe for home made figolli. Figolli are very popular in both Malta and Gozo and many children receive this traditional pastry instead of an Easter egg on Easter Sunday.

My co-worker Yvette gave me this recipe and it was actually her mother in law’s old recipe! She assured me that if you follow the instructions the Easter pastry will turn out to be super delicious. The recipe is in ounces. (8 oz = 200 g)



16 oz self raising flour

8 oz caster sugar

8 oz margarine

One teaspoon vanilla

2 eggs

Zest of one lemon

Zest of one orange


8oz pure ground almonds

4 oz sugar caster

4 tablespoons water



Sieve the flour, add the margarine and mix well.

Add the sugar and keep on mixing.

Whisk the eggs and vanilla and add with the mixture. Add the orange and lemon zest.

Form the dough. If it is dry add some water.


Mix the sugar and water well and add ground almond. Mix well.

Cut the dough in different shapes ( bird, heart, lamb, butterfly…).

Put the filling between two matching shapes.

Figolla layers

Leave in the oven until the pastry is golden ( between 20-25 min)

You can then cover the pastry with chocolate or icing sugar.


Enjoy! Yum Yum



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