Chocolate Bowl

Whilst I was staring at my laptop screen after a busy day at work, my friend posted this picture that I had to share on my blog. It is a very easy and creative idea and this chocolate bowl can be used to serve treats during Halloween now that this much awaited day is approaching.


Blow up a balloon. The size may vary according to your needs.  Put a small bowl over the opening end.
Now put some melted chocolate and let it to drip over the balloon. You can use different types of chocolate like white, milk or even dark chocolate and put it in the fridge. If you want you can also create a design like swirls 🙂
Once the chocolate is solid, put some melted chocolate on top and place it on a plate. This will help to keep the chocolate basket in place. Then remove the bowl, pop the balloon and gently remove it.
Now the chocolate bowl can be used to serve anything you like! Great idea right 😉
(P.S I do not know the owner of the actual picture, as I said before, I found it on FB)

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