Table reserved, location unknown!

Not many of you know but I really enjoy (not very long) night walks in Maltese cities. The ones I prefer the most are the Three Cities, Mdina and I absolutely love Valletta. I enjoy strolling in the narrow streets observing balconies, architecture, house names, door knobs and many other things. Many times when walking through these streets you end up in a big square or a wide street surrounded by wonderful architecture. Many Maltese are unaware of these beautiful locations!

During my late walks many ideas pop in my head like for example seeing a big garden that would be ideal for a reception or maybe a house ideally located to be transformed in a very romantic restaurant.

But how can one take full advantage of our lovely historical sites, lovely streets and beautiful architecture?

The best idea is the Street Dinner organised in Ferrara, Italy. Diners eat in Ferrara streets and get to know the exact location the last minute!

What is this concept all about? Basically one has to book online and buy a 60 euro ticket( price is per person) leaving personal details like name and phone number. Price includes aperitifs, table and chairs, two dinner choices, a map of the city and instructions.  First the persons concerned will receive a first message indicating where the aperitif is going to be held then a second message will designate where dinner is going to be served in one of Ferrara’s streets.

Wouldn’t this be a super idea that could be used in Malta?


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