Fast, easy and healthy!

I was asked to post about simple recipes that are healthy, easy to prepare and not time consuming. One friend especially, Emanuel Cassar, told me: ‘ I live alone, don’t have much time to spare, what I need to know about are speedy and healthy dishes that I can consume on my own’.

Not being an expert chef and I repeat, when I cook for myself I opt for the easiest way out that is a pre-cooked meal, I had to search for an easy solution. On Facebook I found out that my friend Ryan prepares healthy dishes for himself and so I asked him to share some recipes that anyone could do, even myself  🙂

The first recipe is Chicken in lemon an easy dish that does not require a lot of ingredients.

All you need are chicken pieces (around 170g), some greens (it could be spinach, broccoli or peas) and potatoes. In this case Ryan opted for broccoli.

Basically all you have to do is boil some potatoes and in a frying pan cook the chicken in some water. When the chicken is almost ready add some lemon juice, your choice of greens and ground pepper. If you are not a lemon fan you can vary the recipe by adding curry or by adding a chopped orange or apple. Another suggestion is that if you want to use fewer utensils (I hate washing dishes so this is a good idea!)  you can cook the chicken and potatoes together.

This meal contains around 42-45g protein. A man needs around 56g of protein daily whilst a female needs around 46.

I am sure that these are basic ingredients that one can find even in a bachelor’s kitchen! So go ahead and try it out, it is easy and you will surely not be calorie guilty after consuming it  🙂


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