La Salsa Genovese…not from Genoa!

Before I started my summer holidays I was talking to my coworker Conrad D’Amato about my blog and obviously about food. Being a teacher of Italian and Conrad being a very good chef, I told him I wanted to write about some Italian recipes and also inform people about the culture. I mentioned I wanted to talk about Bolognese sauce ( something I will post about in the next days). Conrad told me to write about  la salsa Genovese and when I heard the name I said ‘Well that must be from Genoa right?’ (Genoa is a city in the northern part of Italy in the region of Liguria)


This is Conrad’s reply:

‘Do not be misled by the name. Even if it isn’t one of the most known, “La Genovese” is a traditional dish of the Neapolitan cuisine. ( Napoli is a region in the southern part of Italy in the region of Campania)

If you are in a hurry, just don’t mind reading this recipe. This is slow cooking at its best. A dish you should prepare for a special occasion and only for a few chosen friends.

Heat a large, heavy bottomed pot and add olive oil as the temperature is right. Gently place the beef (lean ground beef; 400g should be more than enough if you just want to make a sauce. Nonetheless, you can slice the beef and serve it as a second course. If you choose the second option, obviously the beef should be larger).

The beef has to be turned around every couple of minutes so as to brown properly. When ready, remove the beef from the pot and add 100g salami, 100g mortadella (the mortadella is a variant from the original recipe) 100g pancetta or streaky bacon, 400g onions, 1 medium sized carrot, all these should be chopped, (not necessarily finely chopped) Garlic (chopped finely), Thyme, Salt and black pepper.  It is important to use the same pot so as to add the flavours from the beef to all these ingredients.

You can then replace the beef in the pot with the onions, garlic, salami, etc. Add one glass of dry white wine (don’t be cheap with the wine) and after a minute or two, you can add water or even chicken stock.

Turn down the heat preferably on the smallest burner of your cooker. Three or four hours of slow cooking will do the job. The chicken stock will not cover all the beef, so from time to time, you will have to turn round the beef. That’s why the Italian call it “girello”. Meanwhile you can read your favourite book.

(Donna suggests: Fifty Shades Trilogy hehe)

After the four hours cooking, take off the beef from the pot and leave it to cool down. Add to the pot some two or three cans of chopped tomatoes and have them cooked for another hour.

The beef should then be ready to be sliced.

Prepare the pasta. Paccheri ( large hollow tube-shaped pasta) are the traditional choice. When ready add the sauce to pasta and grate some Parmigiano cheese.

You can serve the beef as a second course accompanied by a salad.’

Hope you try out this sauce…maybe you have a special occaison coming around and you want to suprise that special person or guests. They will surely be impressed!


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