Food and Drink in Fifty Shades Freed

It has been a (not so) long week (considering I passed most of it reading the books)  and I managed to finish the fifty shades trilogy. I loved the books especially Christian Grey’s character.

I enjoyed reading about expensive clothes and expensive getaways but as you have all noticed, as in the previous two books,  I loved reading about the  food and drink mentioned in the third book. I listed most of the items mentioned. Would love to try some of the dishes, however, not always under the same circumstances 🙂


Smoked salmon, roast partridge, green bean salad and dauphinoise potatoes on the plane during their honeymoon- page 19

Gazpacho– page 44 ( recipe in the first post of Fifty Shades)

Crème Brulée – page 44

Strawberries and Cream at the Grey family house- page 93

Subs prepared with mashed avocado by Ana for Christian- page130 , I love the pun in the word hehe

Bolognese sauce prepared by Mrs Jones- page 130. This sauce originates from Bologna a city in Emilia Romagna, In Italy

Fettucini – page156. Fettucini means little ribbons.

Granola, Greek yoghurt and Blueberries for breakfast- page189

Peanut butter jelly sandwich after the close encounter with Jack Hyde- page 215

Omelette with mushroom, spinach and cheese– page 221

Lamb with mint, garlic, oregano and rosemary fed to Ana by Christian- page 241

Pita bread and hummus– page 242

Stuffed vine leaves– page 242

Mixed Italian antipasto– page 281

Chocolate birthday cake for Ana- page 388

Tarte Tatin– page 394. This is an apple dessert

Chicken Chasseur before the BIG revelation- page 418

Cream Cheese and Salmon Bagel – page 444

Chicken Soup at the hospital- page 472

Chicken Stew– page 494


Perrier and Coca Cola Light- page8

Bollinger– page 18, page 88

Gin and Tonic on the yacht- page 19

Sauvignon Blanc– page 160. Ana offered this wine to Gia and Christian whilst they were discussing house plans

Strawberry Mojito at the bar with Kate- page 205

Sancerre– page 240

Frascati– page 281

Strawberry Daiquiri atAspen- page 285

Cristal Champagne 2002 to celebrate Kate’s engagement- page297

Cristal, Peroni @ Zax club- page 301

Bourbon taken by Christian to forget his worries- page 423

Enjoy! Don’t forget to try out some of the recipes!

P.S please like or comment after reading post. Need feedback 🙂


4 thoughts on “Food and Drink in Fifty Shades Freed

    • Althought no one beleives me, lol, I am also very fasinated with the food and drink in the books and re-read them for that and the luxurious clothing and locations. Thanks & Well done Donna!

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