Food and Drink in Fifty Shades Darker

After reading the second book out of the Fifty shades trilogy I listed all food and drink items mentioned in the story.

Attention! I do not want to spoil your fun, therefore, if you have not read the second book please be aware that in the list there might be some references to the story

Sirloin steak cooked medium with béarnaise sauce, fries and green vegetables p.28 : They eat this at the restaurant after leaving Jose’s exhibition

Pastrami Sandwich p.48

Stir fry chicken and noodles p.72: This was prepared by Ana and Christian helped in the kitchen by cutting peppers 🙂

Vanilla ice cream p.74: Used by Christian in a very creative way

Spanish omelette with cold potatoes p.110

Masked Ball Menu p.138

Pancakes and bacon for breakfast p.189 p.249

Seafood chowder p.208: Ana and Christian ate this at the marina

Risotto p.227

Bruschetta p.228

Pastrami on rye p.269 : Jack Hyde’s lunch

Coq au vin p.273

Omlette and bacon p.292

Macaroni and cheese p.335 : Prepared by Christian ( he only needed to put it in the microwave!)

Chicken pot pie p.376

Granola p.395: Ana’s favourite breakfast

Oysters on crushed ice p.429

Seabass accompanied by asparagus, sautéed potatoes and hollandaise sauce

Salmon served with watercress, cilantro and sour cream p.459

Chocolate cake p.504


Barossa Valley Shiraz p.29

Bottle of Budweiser p.53

Pinot Grigio p.72

Armagnac p.183: Brandy produced in Gascony, France

Adnams Explorer Beer p.208 : The beer Christian orders when they are at the marina before the boat trip

Frascati p.226 : Popular wine from the Italian region of Lazio

Latte p.355

Cristal Champagne p.428

Beer Budovar p.459: The beer Christian wants when he returns home after the ‘nasty’ trip on Charlie Tango

Lemon Martini p.519 : Prepared by Christian’s dad and used as a weapon by Ana 🙂

Enjoy as much as I did!

P.S please like or comment after reading post. Need feedback 🙂


5 thoughts on “Food and Drink in Fifty Shades Darker

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  2. This is what I’ve been looking for. However I wish it had the recipes with the listings. Regardless this page was wonderful.

    • I provided some links to recipes but not to all. Will try to update it! Thank you for the comment! I really appreciate. Have many daily vjhews of tke page but do not get feedback and this helps to improve.

  3. I don’t see Chicken Chasuer or chicken stew, Bolognese, pasta ala Vongole..buttermilk fried chicken, and a few more

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