Totally Vegetarian

After three hours of direct sunlight with only a 50+ sunscreen to protect my delicate skin I was feeling very hungry and thirsty. We were swimming in Valletta and we thought of having a snack at Birgu waterfront.

A restaurant I really love there is TATE. TATE is a vegetarian bar and restaurant (am not sure if is the ONLY vegetarian restaurant inMalta…if there are others please suggest!) I am not vegetarian but we once had a vegan guest and TATE was the only restaurant suitable for her requirements as it offered a lot of dishes where she could choose from. Other restaurants do have vegetarian dishes but they are limited in number.

Once at the restaurant we ordered Ginger Ale to quench our thirst and two salads. These salads were superb and I am going to share with you the ingredients as you can easily prepare at home!

My salad was made up of the following ingredients: different greens like lettuce, carrots and red cabbage. It also had tomatoes, cucumber, walnuts, cashew nuts and peppered goat cheese. The twist to my salad was that it also included sliced banana and apples and diced watermelon. It was very unusual and very refreshing! Finally, on top, there were some pesto sauce drizzles.

The other salad was Grecian inspired. The base was the same, that is, lettuce, carrots and red cabbage. The other ingredients were feta cheese, black olives, red kidney beans, cucumber and tomatoes. On top it was sprinkled with some vinaigrette and pesto.


Both salads were delicious and they are very easy to prepare at home! Just give it a try!


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