Food and Drink in Fifty Shades of Grey

Yesterday I finshed the first book out of the trilogy of 50 shades. The title of the first book is 50 shades of Grey. Please read reviews online about the book as it is not suitable for all ages

I will not give you a lot of information about the story and plot as one should find out about it by oneself but one thing that I have to say is that food and drink is mentioned throughout the book.

I made a quick research and below you will find information about some of the dishes and drinks found in the first book.


Blueberry muffin- Christian’s chocie of dessert when he asks ana for first date at the cafeteria page 42

Pancakes, maple syrup, scrambled egs and bacon- Ana’s breakfast t the Heatman page 71

Egg white omelet – Grey’s breakfast in Fifty Shades of Grey page 71

Grapes and cheese page 102

Pancakes and bacon –  page 127

Venison in page 154: this is the meat of game animal

Nettle soup page 153: this is a soup prepared from stinging nettles

Oysters on a bed of ice with lemon page 219

Black cod, asparagus, crushed potatoes and hollandaise sauce page 222

Chicken Ceasar salad page 316

Scallops and Chorizo – dinner at the Grey family house page 341

Beef Wellington– dinner at the Grey family house page 345

Lemon Syllabub for dessert at the Grey family dinner page 344: light cream dessert.

Buttermilk pancakes with mayple syrup and bacon: after gliding together page 458

Pasta alle vongole page 483: this is pasta prepared with clams.

Lemon and garlic marinated steak  page 463

Gazpacho soup p.463: sometimes also called Spanish soup. This is a tomato based soup and a mix of other vegetables.


Margharita- Drink Ana was having at the bar to celebrate end of exams page 56

Pouilly Fumé– Wine they drink after the trip on Charlie Tango

Sancerre – choice of wine pages 215 and 283: French wine from the area of Sancerre.

Bollinger Grande Année Rosé 1999  on pages 250 and 309

Chablis on page 316: made in the area of Chablis in the French region of Burgundy

Moet –  served in first class on way to Georgia page 389

Cosmopolitan page 414

Gin and Tonic – with Hendricks and cucumber in Savannah on page 419

Twinings English Breakfast– Anastasia’s Favorite Tea

Those who have read the book ( and those who will read it in the near future) can now try some of the recipes that our favourite characters enjoy throughout the story. Enjoy!

P.S please like or comment after reading post. Need feedback 🙂


8 thoughts on “Food and Drink in Fifty Shades of Grey

  1. Thank you so much for posting. I am excited to get into the kitchen and try some of these. I do hope you do this for the other two books. Thanks again!

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