My Farmville Neighbour Cheesecake Recipe

Today I am going to give you a simple cheesecake recipe. I haven’t done this myself  but I am going to forward you the recipe of a very good friend of mine Claire.

Before I give you the method, I am first going to tell you all, my fellow readers, how I got to know Claire.

I used to work with Claire’s husband, Jason. He too is a teacher of Italian. A few years ago, I was once talking in the staff room about this game I played on Facebook called Farmville when Jason overheard me and said ‘My wife plays Farmville too!  Why don’t you add her as a neighbour?’ And that is when it all started! 🙂 I added Claire and we became neighbours and friends hehe. Since then I have stopped playing this Facebook application (only played for two months or so before I got bored) but I chat with Claire very single day! We have met a couple of  times as well!

 Claire is a full-time housewife and mother to adorable Karl.  She also prepares these easy and delicious recipes for her family. Claire, sometimes, used to send some treats with Jason like mince pies or coconut balls that I used to eat instantly!

 Here is the recipe for the cheesecake:

1.Crush two packets of digestive biscuits into a fine powder

2. Then add butter and mix well

3. Press into the tin to form the base

4. In a mixer put 500 gr ricotta, 2 pkts of sweet cream and beat well

5. Add some lemon jelly (liquid) and continue to beat a bit more

6. Put the mixture on the biscuit base.

7. Refrigerate for 2 hrs

8. Finally spread the fruit topping and refrigerate again.

This is the end result!


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