Buffet Mania

Buffet dining is very popular in Malta. The most sumptuous buffets are obviously those offered by hotels located around Malta. I have been to many buffet lunches or dinners and my top three  (in no particular order) are the following:

The first one is the buffet at Oceana Restaurant, Hilton Malta. First of all the restaurant’s décor is wonderful.  You find round or square granite tables surrounded by iron cushioned chairs that are very comfortable. The restaurant has one side covered by huge window glass panes overlooking the pool. You actually feel like you are in a conservatory. The buffet offers a huge selection of antipasti, and you also have different soups, fish, chicken or meat and desserts!

Queuing can be avoided as the restaurant has a big island like display where the same food like antipasto is displayed on both sides. Oceana offers Maltese, Italian and also Mediterranean fusion buffets.



Another buffet that I really love is the one offered at The Grand Excelsior,Valletta, Malta. At Spice Island they offer different daily buffets that channel different flavours like Latin American cuisine, Maltese cuisine, and Middle-Eastern cuisine. I prefer the Friday buffet, as this is an Asian themed night. During the Asian themed night you find a selection of curries served in huge clay pots, Chinese food and also sushi! I love it.



Last but not least I enjoy the Le Meridien Malta Sunday Lunch Buffet. They serve a list of different buffet menus during the week but I prefer the Sunday buffet. This is located in Scirocco restaurant and offers a wide selection of antipasti, soup and pasta. You also have a main course area and an Asian table. They also present an extensive assortment of desserts with live crepes cooking! Yummy! Another bonus is the cheese fondue that I particularly like!



Any other buffets thay you really like?


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