It’s not just about fish

Most of the time when I pop the question ‘Let’s go and eat in a sushi bar!’ there is always someone who says ‘No! I do not like fish!’

Neither do I like fish however; I do go to sushi bars and restaurants and still find many items that I can eat. Many people have a pre-conceived concept of what sushi is like and they do not try to change it. What I can say is that, these people are wrong. Sushi is not just about fish!

Let’s start with the first and most important information Sushi means rice that has been prepared with vinegar. There are many variations of sushi items the most popular being:

Nigiri: rice balls with fish on top.

Makizushi: sushi rolls filled with different ingredients like vegetables or fish .

Norimaki: sushi rice and other ingredients rolled in dried seaweed sheets. The other ingredients could be fish, chicken, cheese, avocado etc

Temaki: these are hand rolls. The roll is made up of nori seaweed and filled with sushi rice and other ingredients.

(In this picture I can identify more than 5 different items that do not contain fish and that non fish lovers can eat…and I actually ate!)

Then there is Sashimi…and here comes the fishy part!

Sashimi is actually thinly sliced raw seafood. Sashimi is not served on sushi rice but on a small ball of rice.

Sushi and sashimi are often accompanied with soya sauce, wasabi (green paste that has a VERY hot flavour) or ground ginger.

So please if you have never been to a sushi bar or restaurant, before scrapping the idea when it is suggested just give it a try! You might even end up liking it! It is very fresh especially during this hot season!


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