My Edible Name

By now you all now know that my Christian name is not just Donna but is actually Donna Rose. Mum and dad wanted to call me Donna but in Malta up till 1983 ( the year I was born) the Catholic Church had some say over baptism names. The 1917 canon compelled a priest to demand that a Christian name must be added to the one chosen by parents. So my parents decided to add Rose to my name and killed two birds with one stone as Rose is a name of a Christian Saint but it also happens to be my grandmother’s name.

 And that is when my love for roses started.

Yesterday whilst writing my post about Biscuits Roses and vineyards in Champagne-Ardennes I also remembered one other thing. Whilst in the outskirts of Reims I noticed that they planted rose bushes at the end of each row of grape vines. ( Once in Malta I started to notice this too). This is because roses are used as a warning system against plant disease. Roses are susceptible to mildew fungus and roses show its effect before the grapevines do, so owners can react and treat the vines before any damage is done.

Roses are also edible although I have never tasted one. Sometimes rose petals are just used to garnish desserts but they can also used in recipes like the rose petal jam below

Would love to try this jam! Maybe one day, when I have more kitchen expertise, I will also produce some and name it after my own self…Donna Rose Jam 🙂


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