Alcohol dipping biscuits!

Back in 2004 I went to Reims, a city in the region of Champagne-Ardennes, France. As the name suggests the region is famous for its champagne. So once there I visited champagne cellars and also magnificent vineyards but I also discovered these delicious biscuits called biscuits roses that actually originate in Reims and are produced by Maison Fossier.

Rose in French means pink and therefore these biscuits have a pinkish colour that originates from the natural colouring called cochineal.

Why are these biscuits special or different from traditional ones other than for their colour? Well in order to fully appreciate their taste you should dip these biscuits in champagne or red wine! Quite unusual right? I was used to dipping biscuits in tea but never in alcoholic drinks!

Nowadays, these biscuits are widely used in other dessert recipes like the famous Charlotte

Site: (The site is in French but you can use link to buy these biscuits online)


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