Watermelon Extravaganza

We are soon going to start enjoying our delicious summer fruits like melons, prickly pears and watermelons. Here in Malta these tend to be very sweet and tasty due to our sun than ripens them just perfectly!

But after a whole month of eating melons and watermelons at barbecues, during meals, at summer fests, by the sea and more and more you almost end up loathing just the sight of these fruits. 

So what can we do with them especially during peak season when their price is really low?  What can we do for example with the water melon surplus?

One thing is watermelon sculpting. A chef at my uncle’s Chinese restaurant sculpts these beautiful watermelons and in a few minutes he manages to create wonderful scenes or patterns. Anyone can give this a try and carve images that he/she likes. ( I can only carve stick figures!)

Other activities that we could do are those inspired from the Chinchilla Melon Festival http://melonfest.com.au/index-tess1.php . At this biennial festival they use melons for various activities like watermelon skiing, melon bungeear and ciariot race.


So let’s be creative this year and organise fruity activities during our events! But please, be safe! Do not exagerate! In Birzebbuga we really do need a summer fest ! What about one similar to this?


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