Maltese fusion with infusion

The best time to eat Maltese bread (it is a kind of crusty sourdough bread) is a few minutes after it is out of the wooden oven. We obviously do not have a wooden oven at home nor a bread maker so we usually ask the baker at what time the bread is ready and mum sends me to pick it up a few minutes before. Obviously I find a whole line of people waiting for their freshly baked Maltese bread.

Once at home the bread is still warm inside and we slice it ourselves ( I don’t like the ready sliced ones) we rub in some fresh tomatoes and add a drizzle of olive oil. Simply delicious! However, at home instead of adding ordinary olive oil, we usually add infused olive oil prepared by my mother herself. My mother fills a one-litre bottle of extra virgin olive oil, mixes the ingredients (like garlic and rosemary), puts them in the olive oil and refrigerates them and uses them within a week. We use the mixture within a week because some ingredients like garlic or fresh herbs contain water and this water supports bacterial growth.

 If you want to play it safe or do not want to prepare infused oil yourself you can buy them off the shelf in many supermarkets. In Malta Lulu’s prepares many homemade infused oils that can also be used for decorative purposes!!!/tal.lulu


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