Teacup heaven

I am a tea lover! Every morning my mum or dad prepares a nice cup of tea before I leave to go to work. They place it on my bedside table and I sip it slowly until I am fully aware of my surroundings and then prepare to depart home. (Yes I am a bit spoilt I know!) To tell you the truth I prefer my dad’s cuppa as he lets tea brew thoroughly.

I also love tea cups and mugs, mostly tea cups especially if they are dainty and fine bone china. I usually do not use these at home because I am afraid that they might accidentally break but I do have some stored safely in a cupboard. Sometimes ( and I must be ashamed) when I am invited at people’s houses and I am served tea in a nice tea cup I actually ask if  it is part of a set or it has sentimental value because if not I actually ask if I can take it home with me! I know this should not be done but I cannot help myself! Most of times I get to take the cup home with me 🙂 Lucky me!

These are some of my favourite tea cups

What’s my dream? I dream about a tea shop that has a lot of tea cups or mugs on display and you get to actually choose the cup you want to be served in! That would be heaven! Imagine a big display of teacups and mugs with any design you can ever imagine like floral ones or stripes. Obviously they must have the matching saucer!


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