Fish or Chicken Ice Cream please?

Ice Cream! Ice Cream! Which is your favourite flavour? If I had to choose the ones I prefer most would be cinnamon flavoured ice cream or chocolate mint ice cream. One flavour I particularly dislike is prickly pear flavoured ice cream. I tried it once and could not even eat one spoonful.  A strange one I have tried would be the Puffi ice cream, a bluish one as the name suggests. ( Puffi is the Italian word for Smurfs). I bought it because I liked the strange colour but have to confess I  did not enjoy its taste.

Usually here in Malta ice cream parlours sell traditional flavours or fruit flavours but there is an ice cream shop in Lares, Puorto Rico called Heladería de Lares ( Lares Ice Cream Parlour) that offers many strange flavours like shrimp, sweet potato, chicken, corn and cod! You can try two samples before actually buying the ice cream from the shop. Personally I would never try the fishy ones  🙂

Which strange flavoured ice cream would you like to taste? Which one would you never try?


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