Let’s eat pizza!!!!!

Now that the UEFA Euro 2012 has started many of us group together in bars, restaurants or even at friends’ houses to watch our favourite team and obviously eat! Which is the most popular food during this time of year that can be easily shared and comes in different sizes and toppings? PIZZA

This also happens to be my favourite food and from the vast selection I always opt for pizza Margherita. Being a teacher of Italian, one thing I hate when going to restaurants and pizzerias is when they misspell this pizza name. Many forget the ‘h’ 😦 So please pizzeria/restaurant owners DO spell check your menu before printing it!

The main pizza Margherita ingredients are the following: tomatoes, mozzarella and some basil. Pleeaasssseeeeeeeeeeeeeee no oregano! These three ingredients actually represent the colours of the Italian flag: green, white and red. This is because in 1889 this pizza was given as a token to queen Margherita, wife of King Umberto on their visit to Naples by pizzaiolo Raffaele Esposito. Queen Margherita loved it so much that he decided to name the pizza after the queen’s name.

So now go on and cheer your favourite team whilst enjoying a slice of pizza!


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