Waterfall dining

Something I really enjoy doing is going to local spas. I feel totally relaxed there enjoying the background music whilst sipping non alcoholic cocktails or enjoying a healthy snack. Most of the time you have sounds from nature and the ones I enjoy best are water sounds: waves splashing, water falling…sheer bliss

Living so close to the sea (only a two minute walk from my house to the beach) I always found the sea as the perfect place to relax and release tension. Sitting on a bench and observing the sea or just sitting on the rocks with just my feet touching the cool water, washes away a stressful day.

So I did a little research to find a place where I could relax whilst enjoying a meal. The perfect place needs to have food and direct contact with water. Mission impossible?

Villa Escudero Plantaions and Resorts in the Philippines has the perfect solution. This coconut plantation, founded in the 1880s, has a waterfall restaurant! Yes! People are seated on bamboo dining tables a few feet away from a waterfall whilst enjoying local dishes.

I would love to eat here! First and foremost in Malta we do not have any natural waterfalls, secondly I would love to eat having a waterfall as a backdrop and enjoying all its natural sounds and finally you can defeat the summer heat and eat without having to ask the waiter to switch on the air conditioning system 🙂


4 thoughts on “Waterfall dining

  1. wow that’s really cool! I love unique dining locations like that! I’ve been to a couple places that remind me of this place… In Acapulco there is a restaurant on the cliffs where you can watch cliff divers all night! And then near the Teotihuacan pyramids in mexico there was a grotto restaurant completely in these underground caves… very cool place to eat. thanks for the post!

    • will research them too! My dream is to travel in different countries, taste their food and actually experience different dining locations. In Malta I mostly enjoy rastaurant in historic palazzos or on the bastions! Will post one soon about them

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