An appreciated treat

Whilst researching for special and unusual desserts that I have never tasted I came around this Guinness Book of Records dessert that I would never eat! It’s not because I am allergic to any of the ingredients or because I do not love them, but simply because I don not afford!!

 It was  (and would surely be so please people take note!) the best birthday cake ever as it contained chocolate but it also contained a much appreciated perk : a diamond! Yes a real diamond not an edible one! 

This is the most expensive cake ever created for just £22,000. The cake was bought by Carl Weigninger and was created by Chef Marc Guilbert.

 The ingredients of this cake are very simple and one could easily find at the village corner store 🙂  Basically the cake was made up of:

Belgian chocolate

Champagne jelly made by an infusion of peach, orange and whiskey

Almond sponge

 And (drum roll tadaaaaamm) the finishing touches to the cake: gold leaf and a 2 carat diamond!!!

 Yeah right I would love this cake just for the Belgian chocolate! :p hehe


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