Underwater dining

Malta, an island surrounded with clear blue sea. How can we use this natural resource other than for fishing, swimming or sailing?  Easy! An underwater restaurant! 

This idea was first accomplished by Ithaa (meaning mother of pearl) at the Conrad MaldivesRangali Island. The seating capacity of this exclusive restaurant is just for fourteen and the roof is made up of r-cast acrylic providing diners with a great view.  This restaurant cost $5 billion to build. 

Here one can find more information and pictures: http://travel.spotcoolstuff.com/unusual-restaurant/maldives/ithaa-undersea

But where around the Maltese Islands could this restaurant be built?

People that know me personally would think that I would suggest Birzebbuga the town  I live in 🙂  Birzebbuga is located in the southern part of Malta, the sea is nice here but the village is quite industrial as one can find the oil tanking industry and also a transhipment hub. So nooooo I will not suggest my hometown! ( even though I still believe it is a very beautiful village but I am  not sure about the underwater quality close by)

If I had to choose a nice location it would be somewhere around Comino (Kemmuna in Maltese) one of Malta’s sister islands. Another spot I would suggest would be just outside Paradise Bay or in Gozo, Mgarr ix-Xini.

 Any other location around  the Maltese Islands you would suggest?


13 thoughts on “Underwater dining

    • My pleasure! I love these innovative dining concepts! Maybe someone in my country will be intrigued by this business venture 🙂

  1. Its funny to find it here, I am actually thinking of it to build and was checking rightnow where such restaurants exist. Who knows maybe in Malta will be one very soon 😉 …

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