Jam and Jar por favor :)

Today I am going to talk about a very practical and edible party favour ( what we Maltese call souvenir)  that one could give as a token to the party guests.

Jam in a jar!!!

Why would guests love this party favor?

Simple! This favor has two advantages it is edible and the guests get to keep the jar once they eat the jam and can put inside anything they want. (Basically they will not throw away your party favor!)

 For the people hosting the party, the jar can also be easily personalised with a sticker. For example if you are giving out these favors during a wedding, you can put on the sticker your wedding monogram or the couple’s initials.

Whilst researching for homemade jam in Malta on facebook I found Lulu’s https://www.facebook.com/#!/tal.lulu

Lulu stands for Louise and she is a very good Maltese cook! I have tasted her pastries and love them! Lulu also happens to produce this tasty homemade jam and stores them in these cute little jars. Take a look at this picture!


So if you are looking for that special, non expensive party favor that you want to give your guests, consider my idea, I am sure that your guests will be very pleased!


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