Rabbit twist!

Three months ago a good friend of mine got married and she finally got to use her brand new kitchen and appliances ( what we both call kitchen robots :P)

My friend admits that she is not an expert cook and that her husband has the upper hand in the kitchen however like two love birds they cook together and today she shared with me a traditional Maltese dish that they prepared with a twist!

The typical Maltese dish that I am talking about is rabbit. You can find a lot of recipes online. I am going to share here her instructions on how they prepared this tasty dish.

Rabbit: You have to fry the rabbit on both sides together with some garlic. When the rabbit is nearly cooked start adding slowly some home-made gravy (or ready-made one) and BEER! ( yes that is the twist to the traditional dish!)

Roasted potatoes: Whilst boiling  the potatoes you should put in a preheated oven a pan with some sunflower oil. When the potatoes are almost ready ( make sure they are still slightly hard so they do not crumble) put them in the oven and cook until they are golden and crispy.


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