Cheesy tip!


So, as most of you already know, I do not know how to cook but I really love tasty dishes and during the past years I have learned a lot of tricks that help me enjoy my food more and more.

This is something I do when I prepare pasta. It is something very basic that even a small child can do ( most of the children nowadays can already do most of the basic things that I need to master hehe)

Before I serve pasta I sprinkle on the bottom of the plate some grated cheese. When putting the hot pasta on top of the cheese it obviously melts and mixes well into the pasta ( best with fusilli or spaghetti). I usually use grated mozzarella or cheddar cheese as they melt but not completely.

So whilst I am enjoying the sauce on top of my pasta I am eagerly waiting to reach the bottom of the plate to enjoy this cheesy effect!

Try it out if you never haven’t and tell me what you think!


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