Isn’t it ironic?

In my late twenties…and haven’t REALLY cooked except for the occasional plate of pasta ( ready made sauce of course ) or pre cooked meals. However I love food and eating out or in ( especially if I am not the one cooking :p). I love new concept restaurants and exotic food, I like trying new food and flavours but I do not like fish. This is quite ironic as I live on an island where fish is one of our primary sectors and Malta and our sister island Gozo are full of high quality fish restaurants. I sometimes eat fish in maki rolls but other than that I wouldn’t opt for fish if it is on the menu.

What I will be doing in this blog is providing you with information about food I am intrigued by and also exploring and trying out my mother’s receipes..a great cook I have to say…I love observing her while she cooks but she rarely lets me use her kitchen and utensils 🙂

However, she will be letting me use her kitchen this summer!  For the first time in eleven years I will not be working during my summer holidays (btw I am a teacher of Italian in a Maltese school) and if I am up to it I will be taking up this new challenge…creating delicious food under the supervision of my mum 🙂 (There is a BIG chance I will be sleeping up till noon and therefore this challenge is remote 🙂 )

So let the blogging begin!!!

The first food I would like to blog about is the tur duck en ( turkey, duck and chicken or hen). I saw the receipe once on TV but I have never tried it myself. Basically you have a turkey, duck and chicken and layers of stuffing in between. I would love to know how these different flavours mix together.

A link where more information is provided

P.S   I am not cooking and will not cook this mega dish for now, I don’t even know the cooking basics 🙂 but surely would like to taste it 🙂


6 thoughts on “Isn’t it ironic?

    • Nahseb it will be my last challenge lol…zgur ikolli bzonn l-ghajnuna ghax bit-toqol li jigi nahseb kollox ma l-art jispicca:)

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